Agent Coulson, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agent Coulson, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

My friends and I are huge fans of superheroes. Who isn’t, really? We love talking smack about who’s favorite could take on the others favorites. We drool in wait for new comic books to be released. I’m sure that’s a little more than some of you wanted to know about me, and I may have just lost a few cool points. That’s okay. I’ll get over it.

This week’s Five Things Friday is all about Superheroes: Who they are, how to be one. It’s pretty, well, if you’ll pardon the pun, super.

1. This video clip from Grey’s Anatomy is one of my recent favorites. (This is the best version I could find on YouTube)

It sounded so made-up, I had to research it. Turns out, it’s true. There have been studies of the Superhero Pose. So next time you’re in your morning shower, take a stand and lift your head up. See how much better your day is when you are your own Superhero.

2. SuperNip to the rescue!

SuperNips to the Rescue!

SuperNips to the rescue!

NIPPERS is one of my favorite Superheros. I mean, this little frog can take me from zero to published in a single button click. Well, almost. As the mascot for New Inklings Press, how could I not adore his capabilities? Especially when he looks so darn cute in a cape.

3. Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers

Don’t even try to tell me how the DC Comics versions are better heroes. Not true. My favorite is Iron Man, followed by Agent Coulson. Okay, Coulson isn’t quite a superhero, but he’s still pretty awesome. I also enjoy the Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, and well, pretty much all of them. Which leads me to the next point.

4. Comic books. It’s completely okay if you call me a nerd or geek or whatever. Hey, I’ve publicly admitted I play Magic: The Gathering. I think comic books sort of fall into that persona, yes?

Comics on the Kindle

Comics on the Kindle

Did you know that when you purchase certain comic books, they come with codes for free digital downloads? I didn’t, until a friend told me. Now we have an arrangement: When he buys a comic book, he gives me the download code. Of course, I still have to have my own hard copy of anything Iron Man or Avengers. The rest is just pie on the plate!

5. Flawless. Isn’t that what we think superheroes should be? Yet we’re forgiving, and even a bit more drawn to them, if they have flaws. Don’t believe me? Where do you stand on the Batman vs. Superman argument?
This video is MercyMe’s Flawless. I love the visual dynamics.

But what first grabbed my attention was a line from the chorus. And like a hero who takes the stage / When we’re on the edge of our seats saying / “It’s too late!” / Well let me introduce you to Grace.

I visualized all of us sitting in our own darkness, watching scenes unfold, biting our nails. Then from up above and to the side comes our hero shouting “Here I come to save the day!” And in one fell swoop, he conquers or enemies. Blasts them off the playing field and secures our safety.

It’s pretty amazing to have a Hero like that. And I bet at times, we can be that for someone else.

So pay attention to the world around you. There are more ordinary heroes than you might think. You’re one of them.

SuperMoJo to the Rescue

SuperMoJo to the Rescue

And now it’s your turn.

  • Who’s your favorite Superhero?
  • How can you be a hero in your ordinary environment?
  • Has anyone been your ordinary Superhero in a tough situation?
  • Share the Superhero Pose and see what happens.

Go. Be a Superhero today. Someone needs you.

And Frankly, My Dear . . . that’s all she wrote!

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