This is my new Samsonite carry-on suitcase. I picked it up last week during Kohl’s super sale.

"Oh, the places you'll go!" My new green suitcase.

“Oh, the places you’ll go!”

I was so excited I posted the photo to my NOLA Facebook group. As I started keying in the description, the realization of why this suitcase is so important became clear.

At the store, I thought it was just a nice suitcase, in a nice color. But I didn’t really need it.  It wasn’t really necessary.

But I was wrong. So very wrong.

I have a suitcase set. Remember my red Disney suitcase? The one that the airport lost on the way to Blue Ridge last year?

Luggage UnLost

Luggage UnLost

I still have it. I still love it.

But once I took Green home, it spoke to me. “I’m never empty. I’m always full of promise. Adventure. A future. Dreams. Success. Something Good. Trust me.””New,” it says. “Look forward, not behind,” it beckons. “Change is good,” it offers. “It’s okay to let go,” it comforts. “I’ll protect,” it promises. It was half price, and I had a 20%-off coupon, plus I received $20 back in Kohl’s Cash. This $240 suitcase cost me less than $90, and it’s already worth the investment.Because it’s an investment in me. In my dreams, hopes, excursions. It makes it okay to think about the future. It tells me there are places out there I’m going to, and it fills me with a sense of adventure. I’m going to soar, and Green is coming with me.

As I write this post, when I first shared the photo on Facebook and Instagram, when I wrapped my hand around the handle and took it off the store shelf, and all the times in between when I think of it, I hear Dr. Seuss telling me “Oh, the places you’ll go!”

I didn’t know how much I needed the promise this suitcase could give. I can’t explain why I’m so full of gratitude and longing and thankfulness and excitement and anticipation and confidence. I just know I am. And it feels marvelous. There’s a world out there waiting for me to embrace it. And I’m on my way.

This is my suitcase. This is my green suitcase. This is the color of my company. My lucky bamboo. Frogs. My writing chair. Lizzie Cat’s eyes. My Narnia room.

This is my new green suitcase.

And we’re going places.

And Frankly, My Dear . . . That’s all she wrote!


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