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New Year, New Words

By Molly Jo Realy @RealMojo68

I noticed a trend on social media some years ago. Instead of making expect-to-break-them resolutions, people were claiming colors, phrases or related words to define their goals when a new year came around.

I once Dared to be an Awesome Orange. Two years ago, I pared it down even more to choose one word. Boundaries was first. The next year was Better.

Sometimes it takes a while to discover your personal Word of the Year. Sometimes it comes to you as easy as breathing.

Whether you choose one word or three, or go all-out with a list of resolutions, here are some tips to consider:

  • Set a Journey, Not a Goal: Specific goals, while great, aren’t always met in a timely manner, or at all. This can lead to a person feeling like a failure instead of a success. Rather, choose what will help you grow incrementally.
  • Choose to be a Diamond: You are more than a two-dimensional object. Make your mantra reflect all your beautiful facets.
  • Everything Old is New Again: Don’t be intimidated by the “new” in New Year. It’s okay to enhance what you already know.
  • Can You Relate?: Is your theme shareable? Keep yourself accountable by letting your followers in on your journey.
  • Give Yourself Permission: It’s okay to tell yourself, “It’s okay.” It’s okay to dream, set goals, fail, try again, change, move, and be still.
  • Shine Like The Star That You Are: Whatever you choose, don’t bury it in the sand or under your pillow. Reach your world with your bright light.
  • It’s ALL About YOU: Your resolution/word/mantra should encompass the essence of you and what you want to accomplish in the next twelve months. Adding others to the mix can be a great idea, as long as there aren’t too many cooks in your kitchen.

How does any of this apply to social media and writing? The simple answer: It doesn’t. The complex answer: Everything’s writing. Everything’s social. Your theme should amplify your personality, goals, work ethic, belief system . . . Anything and everything you need it to amplify and grow.

Now, choose your word for the New Year, and hit the ground running.

I’m choosing to be Fierce in 2017. What will you be?

With some sweet tea and running shoes,

~Molly Jo

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Sweet Tea and Running Shoes

Sweet Tea and Running Shoes



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