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Cara Pearson: An Intro to Essential Oils

by Cara Pearson @ThatBedfordGal

I just wanted something that smelled nice.

Because we all know how a lotion smells is the most important factor in whether or not we buy it. I absolutely love to splurge and treat myself to new body and bath products; who doesn’t? I mean, those do fall under “necessities” of personal hygiene and all that jazz. I would even stock up on gifts for my girl friends during those “buy two get one free” specials.

Then one year when DIY was just becoming all the rage, I thought I’d go the extra mile and make myself and my girl friends some bath products. The recipe I settled on called for essential oils. Knowing no better, I ordered a bottle through Amazon and that was that.

Several years and loads of education later, I’m still making my own bath and body products. One day (hopefully soon), I’ll have my own product line.

Cara Pearson - An Intro to Essential Oils

Cara Pearson – An Intro to Essential Oils

I’ve learned quite a lot, and I learn more every day. What to mix (and what not to mix); how to get desired results; how to package; why natural products are my passion; and the importance of quality in ingredients. Knowing what I know now, I shudder at my Amazon oil purchase. More important than how a product smells is what it does to my skin and body after application. Many essential oils on the market today are diluted with synthetics in order to give buyers cheap prices. But purchasing a compromised oil cancels out many health benefits offered. That’s why I chose a more natural ingredient path with my products using only quality materials—beauty truly is more than skin deep. Often the outward signs (acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc.) are just an indicator that something isn’t quite right on the inside. Layering on chemicals, toxins, and expensive prescriptions wasn’t the answer I was looking for.

In the process of my “journey to my best self” (pretty sure I stole that from an inspirational guru), I cleaned up my diet by eliminating most processed and preservative-filled foods. I found an exercise routine that works for me. And, upon learning they were responsible for introducing countless chemicals into my body, I cleaned out my cosmetics and skincare products.

Most of the products I use now I make myself. The few items I don’t, I spend a little extra cash on and get high quality from companies I trust.

This lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank. There are memberships and personal accounts you can hold that will save you dollars (mine save me 10-55%). You can look around and compare for yourself, but here are a few of my favorites:

From Nature with Love. Not only do they have an impressive offering of natural ingredients, they also have a nice online library of recipes, tips, and tricks for creating your own handmade products. I also earn back 10% of my purchase in rewards points to redeem for free product.

DoTERRA essential oils. This was the real game changer for me. I spent over a year comparing different brands, researching the scientific findings, and talking to my oil-using friends. I did the rounds of buying oils from companies big and small. I wanted to be able to say truthfully that the oils in my products were the best available. I no longer wanted just a nice smell, but the therapeutic benefits as well.

There are a million reasons why I absolutely love this company, but for this post, I’ll stick with the economical side. Through my membership, I save 25% with every purchase. On top of that, I earn an additional 30% of my purchase back in rewards points to redeem for free product. Oh, and any shipping I pay? I earn that amount back in rewards points, too. I could stop with that. But there’s more. In addition, when you enroll with a membership in doTERRA, you do so under another member. This gave me personalized education on oils and doTERRA. Since I enrolled under my sister, she gets to earn a percentage of everything I purchase. And when I share with my friends and family, I get to earn $$ off of their purchases. So I’m getting the products I want, with impressive savings, all while supporting my friends and family. This was such a win for me.

OilLife. While there aren’t memberships available here, they have most of the packaging/containers that I need to hold my DIY products. They also have educational resources available.

Willow and Sage. I subscribe to this beautiful magazine. Again, this doesn’t have a huge savings attached to it, but it is chock-full of recipes, beautiful photos, inspiration, education, and insight on your natural journey through skincare. It is worth every penny.

When making your own products, start off simple. Master the beginner recipes, then move on when you’re ready.

The simplest DIY you can find is a relaxing foot/bath soak. Epsom salts are great for detoxifying your body. The Himalayan Salt, in addition to making the mixture look pretty, can help blood circulation–which may help reduce cellulite!

For the full recipe, click here: Cara’s Essential Oils: Soothing Bath Salts.

CEO: Salt Soak

CEO: Salt Soak

Most people love lavender for its light, soothing floral scent. Its calming properties can help you relax after a long day and help you sleep better. But it’s also great for your skin.

Like Lavender, White Fir is a relaxing oil, and is helpful for muscle fatigue and inflammation.

Marjoram is an amazing oil. It works with your body to relieve tension and all sorts of muscular issues. Which makes it the perfect addition to our bath soak (use with caution during pregnancy).

I love to add dried lavender flowers to mine–it looks so pretty. But if the thought of little petals floating about in your bath water disturbs you, they can easily be left out.

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TWEET THIS: Tweet: Frankly, My Dear . . .: Essential Oil Salt Soak Recipe. @RealMojo68 @ThatBedfordGal #essentialoil #eo #recipe

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Cara Pearson

Cara Pearson

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