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Frankly, My Dear. . . The Best of Funds for Writers, C. Hope Clark

Frankly, My Dear. . . The Best of Funds for Writers, C. Hope Clark

Disclaimer: I’m friends with C. Hope Clark on Facebook so when she offered a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review, I jumped. Y’all know I love sharing what I know. And what I know is she knows her stuff. Read on . . .

“This book is a motivational, go-to, elementary reminder that if you desire to be a writer, you deserve to be respected for it.” ~ C. Hope Clark, The Best of Funds for Writers.

I’m gonna tell y’all upfront that if I hadn’t received this book from her (autographed, too. Thanks, Hope!) I would have bought my own. I’ve subscribed to her newsletter in the past, but thinking I was receiving too many emails, hers was in the batch I unsubscribed to. Thanks to this handy-dandy guide, I’ve resubscribed, and it’s reignited my passion.

I love books. Of course I do. I’m figuring most of you do too. Or else you’re just here to read my sweet Southern drawl, am I right or am I right? Anyway, I love books that are small and light and fit in my bag. You never know how long the line at the post office or bank will take, or where lunch will be. It’s good to have a book for a quick grab-and-go.

This book is so good I want to trash it.

Now, hold on. I’m not talking about trash-trashing a book. My good sweet tea, honey, NO. That’s sacrilege. I’m saying, I may get myself a second one so I can cut it into Happy Planner pieces for inspirational bookmarks, that’s how good this book is. Can you imagine all these quotes washi-taped and colorized and highlighted? Mm-hmm. I guess we know what my next Happy Planner will be, don’t we?

But we’re talking about this book. And this book book is so much more. It’s not just a one-time read-through experience. This is a great reference book, a must have for any serious writer. And let’s just resurface that new argument, You can’t write in a Kindle. I imagine by my second read through, this book will have even more notes in the margins.

It’s broken into bite-size chapters (the longest is under four pages long) and easy-to-read formatting. Important, pay-attention-to-this items are bolded. Each chapter includes quotes from deliciously wonderful books and authors, the first being Anne of Avonlea. Hulloh! You think that didn’t endear this book to my nobody-touches-it-but-me stack?! That’s right, it did.

Part One covers topics written by Hope, Part Two is written by her guests. We’re talking easy-peasy advice like

  • To Website or Not to Website
  • The Zillion Little Pieces of Our Writing
  • Write Daily or Not
  • The Importance of Writer Self-Education
  • Tactics & Tips Selling Your Books on Consignment
  • On Being a Travel Writer for AAA

As with her website and newsletter, this little book is like a foil-wrapped Wonka bar (and we all know how I feel about Willy Wonka!) – so full of good little treats you just don’t know what you’ll get bite after bite. But you want more so you buy another bar. Side Note: Did you know Wonka candies are no longer available? I didn’t. *insert sad face here* Luckily, you don’t have to buy another book, or go without. You can just keep reading this one.

Frankly, My Dear . . . She said "Frankly!"

Frankly, My Dear . . . She said “Frankly!”

With practical advice on how to reach for your dreams, Hope’s book is a great reference, and Hope is a great encourager.

What are some of your favorite books on writing?

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With Hope, a pen, and never-ending chocolate bar,
Happy writing,
~Molly Jo

And Frankly, My Dear . . . That’s all she wrote!


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