by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

There’s a Louis L’Amour quote I discovered years ago when reading his short story collection.

Frankly, My Dear . . .: Louis L'Amour, The Beginning

Frankly, My Dear . . .: Louis L’Amour, The Beginning

That’s never been more true to me than this very minutes.

Fifteen minutes ago, I typed the most beautiful words.

Frankly, My Dear . . . : The End

Frankly, My Dear . . . : The End

I’ve both dreaded and looked for this moment for years. In the last months, weeks, days it became increasingly difficult for me to not be emotional. I felt I was building up to a loss in my life. Soon I would finish, type those two last words, and say good bye to these characters I’ve grown to love.

Oh, but that’s so not true. I’ve not lost them. I’ve set them free. Now is the part everyone told me would come. Now I send them to my editor, my almost-agent, my alpha readers. Now I let others start to discover the beauty of NOLA.

Now, instead of ending this world, I get to share it.

Now comes the real beginning of the life of NOLA.

But first, beignets and chicory.

Happy reading, y’all.
It’s time for This Girl to get some rest.

Tomorrow I start writing CENTRAL.

And Frankly, My Dear . . . That’s all she wrote!

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