Ten People I Want To Meet

Ten People I Want To Meet.

This is pretty hard to narrow down to just ten. But unless otherwise noted below, I have yet to be in the physical presence of these remarkable people. It might be pretty hard, since some of them are dead…

This page has the added bonus of links to my posts about people I’ve already met, and who are that noteworthy.

1.   George Clooney… ’nuff said.
2.   Sandra Bullock. Her strength inspires me.
3.   Laura Ingalls Wilder. She must have more stories to tell.
4.   The Pope
5.   The President of the United States
6.   Al Pacino. His characters fascinate me.
7.   Earl Hamner, creator of The Waltons.
8.   Walter Elias Disney.
9.   Wyatt Earp. We share the same birthday.
10.  Paul McCartney. I think he’s full of musical genius.


1. Robin H., a homeless man who touched me deeply.
2. Stephen J. Cannell, Hollywood producer/director/creator, crime novelist.
3. W.P. Kinsella

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