NOLA, Zatarain’s Style

Last Tuesday we celebrated our recent successes, NOLA style. If you missed that post, you can read it here. I had a blast shopping for Mardi Gras decor, mixing up Hurricane mocktails, and feeding my guests with the great food provided by Zatarain’s.

How great was it of them to send me a box full of their rice mixes and seasonings? I chose to make the Brown Rice Jambalaya, Garden Vegetable Rice, and my salmon with the Blackened Seasonings mix.

What I love love love about Zatarain’s:

  • They make everything easy. You can prepare foods per package instructions,
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Or, as I call it with my Minnesotan accent, “N’Orleeeens.”

This past week I’ve been infatuated with the Big Easy. I’m working on a short story idea that came to me a few months ago. And Megan introduced me to Oak Alley Plantation online. The photos are so… mesmerizing. Transforming. Enticing. Haunting.

So guess what. This Girl is now fantasizing about a trip down south. Not that it could happen any time soon (unless I win the lotto, which hasn’t happened yet). But still, it’s fun to plan.

I can taste the Mint Juleps. Smell the tobacco fields. Hear the … read the rest. . .

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