Y’all ready for this?

by Molly Jo Realy (@RealMojo68)

How many of you are fist-pumpin’ to the beat? C’mon. That song. That go-get-’em, conquering, sports-theme-y, you-got-this song . . . DundundunDUNDUNdunDUN. Yeah. That one.

Well, anyway, in your head, I want you to imagine the greatest celebratory music you can conjure. Got it? Awesome.

Keep it playing in the background, and read on.

It’s no secret that I have a new website. But I’m not sure all of you know FMD and NIP are undergoing some cosmetic surgery as well. A little NIP, a little tuck. (Ooh. NIP. See what I did there?)

Now, … read the rest. . .

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Under Construction: Baby Steps, Bob. Baby Steps.

There’s been a handful of small changes around here lately. Both at home and on the The Blog. I’m more active, getting more done, and not waiting until A Big Project falls in my lap to do anything about it. It’s the little steps that’ll get ya’ there.

Remember the movie “What About Bob?” with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss? That famous quote, “Baby steps, Bob. Baby steps.”

I have to keep reminding myself of that. It’s not one giant leap. I’m not SuperWoman. I’m Bob. I’m Just Bob. And I have to walk before I can run.

Yet suddenly … read the rest. . .

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Blog Star!

Every now and then, when I accomplish something really fantastic, something I wasn’t sure I could do, I throw my fists up and yell, “Rock Star!” That little habit started years ago after watching Dr. Izzie Stevens do just that on Grey’s Anatomy

Well, tonight, I’m a Blog Star! Cuz tonight I managed to make oodles of subtle changes to Frankly, My Dear… and it feels really good to be on the administrative side of things.

I can’t say for sure that everything is fine, because at the eleventh hour (literally! It’s just after 11pm as I type this!) … read the rest. . .

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