Another Post About Pinterest.

I’ve written about Pinterest before.

I introduced you to This Thing Called Pinterest. I wrote an open letter about Pinning to Dear Pinners….

I’ve shared with you my own Pinterest account, and updated when I create new boards.

Today I discovered that not all my own Pins were linked accurately. Of course, as a blogger/writer, it’s important that my articles are attached to the Pins I create for them. So I spent about thirty minutes reviewing and correcting. It wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was a little fun seeing Pins from months ago that I’d forgotten about.… read the rest. . .

Sweeten my tea and share:

Dear Pinners…

I love Pinterest. I really do.

I signed up with the intent to carefully monitor my activity. But after the first two weeks, that’s gone out the window. Now, over a month later, next to facebook and my blog, Pinterest holds my digital interest more than any other website.

It’s my own personal, public digital clipping source. If I had to clip magazines to get all the information my Pinterest boards hold, I’d be able to pay my utilities with the paper recycling cash.

But I have a bone to pick with other Pinners, and it’s this: cite your source!read the rest. . .

Sweeten my tea and share: