I Didn’t Mean to Say That Out Loud

We all do it. Some do it better than most.

That would be me.

I articulate things you haven’t even considered. I am the expert when it comes to Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome.

No. I won’t give you specific examples. How could you even ask such a thing? Why add fuel to the fire, that should be my motto.

Should be.

I don’t intentionally do it. I just seem to have a low threshold filter when it comes to words. Don’t believe me? Ply me with coffee and cookies and get me talking. About anything. Anything. I can mumble my own … read the rest. . .

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Quantity vs. Quality

I don’t have as many blog followers as I strive for. It makes it a little hard to get sponsors for giveaways and such. But I keep at it. And little by little, great things are coming my way.

Nearly every day, I can count on comments from a core group of supporters. And nearly every day, I can count on spam comments urging me to sign up for the Quick and Easy Way to get followers. “Over 1,000 followers each day!” “It really works!” These spam messages tell me I’m not doing as well as I could be in … read the rest. . .

Sweeten my tea and share: