Are You Ready to Visit NOLA?

by Molly Jo Realy (@MollyJoRealy)

Are You Ready to Visit NOLA?
(Or, How I’m Celebrating the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made in My Life)

This is typically the pre-post point wherein I give you an update on NOLA. You know, something witty, adorably personal, maybe with a touch of Bohemian humor.

Well, I hate to disappoint y’all, but there will be no pre-post update.

Awww, don’t cry! It’s okay. No, really. It is.

Wanna know why?

Well, I’ll tell ya:


How do you like them beignets?

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Book Launch: Lindsey Brackett’s Still Waters

by Molly Jo Realy @RealMojo68

So. This author? Lindsey? We kissed frogs together. #truestory.

She has completely hunted me down threatened encouraged me to embrace my inner Southern Belle and pushed me toward being the person I am today. Yeah, I’m sorry. Wait. What?

No, seriously. Since I met her a few years ago, she’s been nagging me. “When are you gonna write for Splickety?” “How can I pray for you?” “Are you working on NOLA this week?” “When do we get to have coffee?” I mean, the girl is just . . . such an encourager. Sigh.

Annnnnd in … read the rest. . .

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Everything Old is New Again. Again.

Remember when this happened, the first time?

And how my love for all things baseball and community and movie quotes blended together to restructure FMD some years ago?

Well, folks. That paint is peeling. So guess what.

Are y’all ready for this?

All those old adages keep circling through my mind.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Hey, guys. Here’s the deal. I’m so stinkin’ excited (and it’s so stinkin’ late) I can’t concentrate.

So here’s another deal. Things are changing. But they’re staying the same.

Pretty soon you’re gonna see a new layout here at … read the rest. . .

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Hand of Adonai Launch Party

It’s a bit surreal to announce, but Tuesday, Aaron D. Gansky’s newest book, Hand of Adonai: The Book of Things To Come is finally available.

The first in a series, Hand of Adonai is a Young Adult Fantasy novel that starts in North Chester, Minnesota and ends in Alrujah, a video game kingdom created by best friends Lauren Knowles and Oliver Shaw.

Don’t be fooled by the genre. This book has been read and enjoyed by all ages.

Being Aaron’s social media manager has its perks. I was also one of his beta readers. That just means a few pre-release … read the rest. . .

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Jam With MoJo

So this happened.

And then this happened.

So then this happened.

In upcoming posts, I’ll blog about my love for Jamberry Nail Wraps and post new design combinations. I hope you’ll join me.

After two months of buying product, I realized it’s more frugal for me to sell it and support my own habit. So I signed on. My online launch party starts tomorrow, and it’s going to be super fun.

It’s my goal to use this income boost to cover my future writing and travel needs. After all, all roads lead to writing, right?

Right now it’s well after … read the rest. . .

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