Recently I posted my recipe for Asparagus Wraps (click here).

The recipe calls for basting with olive oil. I wish I could make my own. But since I can’t, I’m happy to do the next best thing: I infuse store-bought Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) with my own herbs.

In a 16 oz. vinagrette bottle (or, in my case, if the bottle breaks, use a canning jar), combine 12 ounce EVOO, and whichever fresh herbs you like. I combine crushed black pepper with fresh chopped oregano, fresh chopped parsley, fresh chopped basil, and fresh chopped chives. I also add one fresh crushed clove of garlic. Shake lightly, cap tightly, and let sit for 4 – 7 days before using.

Olive oil is a great addition with balsamic vinegar and other spices to make bread dipping oils. It can be a light salad topping. It can be cooked into foods for an extra Italian flavor. It can be a great meat baste. You can even use it for extra flavor in recipes that call for heating cooking oil in a pan such as sautes.

However you choose to use your olive oil, you’re certain to enjoy the wonderful taste it brings to your table!

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