Well it’s been a few weeks. I had to change a few things up around here!

First, if you go to my actual blog (not read this in an email), you’ll see that I changed my background for the season. Happy Holidays!

Second, I started using my new ZipList software for my recipes. I really like the formatting. Of course, I’m brand new at it, so I’m sure after I learn some more tricks and tips, it will become even better. Look for some, if not all, of my recipes to be reformatted and reposted in the month of December.

Thanksgiving’s behind us, but never stop giving thanks. The last week has certainly been out of sync with my love for stability, but I also love surprises… well, good ones anyway.

By the time you read this, I’ll prob’ly be in the middle of a big winter storm. The kind of storm that So Cal doesn’t usually get; and certainly not this early in the season. I’m thankful for the touch of midwest winters that I still miss, thankful for a full pantry, thankful for the warmth of cookies baking in the oven and a log on the fire.

With the not-so-good surprises and life-as-we-know-it moments, I kept thinking about my blogfriend Andrea and her daily posts about seeking peace in the midst of a busy life. I don’t think she knows how much she really inspires me. Lately, when I find myself about to over-react, I’m reminded of her posts and they touch me, sooth me, calm me. God works… even through the blog words of a stranger. [She’ll inspire you, too. Check out her blog, Quiet Mom-ents, here.]

Life is always going to throw us curveballs. What matters is that we take the swing… but only when we’re supposed to. Striking out too early is just as bad as being stranded at the plate.

So my goal for December is to not only embrace change, but actually instigate it. I know. Me. ME. A creature of habit, a lover of stability. I figure what the heck. I only have one life. Why get it stuck in a rut?

So. Bring on the storm. I’m ready… I think…

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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