Started: January 1, 2012
Finished: January 8, 2012
[*It didn’t take me that long to read; I just had a few Do Nothing Days this last week. Actual reading was three days.]

What I loved best: While I always enjoy the return of our beloved Children and Aslan, I’d have to say my favorite part of this book was the character of Reepicheep, the Valiant Mouse. Most consider a mouse to be too small to be of any great assistance but Reepicheep doesn’t know that about himself. He thinks he has much to offer, and behaves so.

I also loved the many adventures in this story. It seemed that no sooner did one small event wrap up than everyone found themselves heading toward the still distant horizon.

Life is never what we expect it to be, and even though we can direct the paths in a general way, there will always be other people, other elements, other adventures that take us to places unthought of. Unthought of, but never unworthy. Just because it’s not the path we chose, that doesn’t mean it’s not the right path. It just means we don’t know it yet.

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