We all have those moments in life that seem so benign at the time, but leave a very lasting impression. This is the story of such a moment.

Remember Berry Sunshine’s Cat Antics from a while ago? Here’s one from many years ago.

We were living in our small apartment and I had hosted dinner for a few friends. Because the dinner table only seated four and there were five of us altogether, I allowed my daughter to eat at her snack table while watching television.

The meal was great: meatloaf and scalloped potatoes. I served up my daughter’s plate then called her back into the kitchen to pray with the rest of us. She resisted; she didn’t want to leave her table. But I insisted. When she went back to table a minute later, I heard her cry out: her meatloaf was missing!

Berry had decided she wanted to be part of the dinner party, and absconded with the entire meatloaf slice from Dot’s plate! I comforted her (her being Dot, not Berry), told her not to worry, we had plenty. And we carried on just fine.

Two days later my slipper had wedged itself under the sofa so I bent down to retrieve it… only to find half the meatloaf. Can you say “ewww!”??

It was a few years later in the same apartment when we decided to have a Mommy-Daughter Movie Night. I don’t remember what we served for dinner, but I do know that my daughter wanted to eat by TV light.

She got her drink. Then she brought in her napkin. Then she brought in her snack plate. We were both ready. But then the cats started to cry for attention. And food. On one side was Berry. On the other side was Fluffy. Wherever Dot turned, there was a dark whiskered face. And since the lights were out, she couldn’t quite see if they were trying to eat her plate, or her toes.

Finally in frustration, she stood up and hollered, “I just want to eat my stinkin’ food!”

The cats scurried. We started the movie.

And everyone lived happily ever after…

yeah, right.

To this day, when we’re really hungry, or when there are tons of distraction from any task at hand, you’ll hear us shouting that line.

Dot tells this story much better than me. I’m pretty sure I got a lot of it wrong. But she’s trying to get some sleep right now so I can’t verify facts. And I just want to write my stinkin’ story.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!


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