I forgot to write any postings today. I was busy selling cookbooks online yesterday; and today we celebrated Easter.

My mom invited us over for a new Mac-n-Cheese recipe that included diced chicken and chilis. It was fantastic. And we watched as the year’s first yellow warblers became twitterpated with each other.

There are two new sprouts in my flower bed. The sprinkler/drip system seems to be leaking here and there under my dirt so I’m anticipating a bit of digging this week to tighten up the pipes and put stoppers on the drips. Apparently, before I bought the house, the yard was full of flora and grass and whatnot. So the water has nothing to feed and nowhere to go. And since I don’t want another soft-sand tumble like I had a few days ago, I definitely need to get that fixed.

I have jury duty in a week. I have always wanted to be selected for a jury, because I think it would be interesting. But now that I have things like job hunting, two Bible studies, a yard to take care of, and books to sell… I’m not so interested in sitting in a room listening to who done what and why. So I’m hoping I’ll get excused. Or the whole thing will be called off the night before. That would be even better.

I used my food dehydrator to make dried apples, but I dipped them in lemon juice first to prevent discoloring. Word to the wise: lemon juice makes dried apples taste… not like dried apples. Lesson learned!

I need to organize my closet this week. I have a new plastic shelf unit to put together and use. The problem is, I’m not really sure how I want it used. A bookshelf? Business supplies? Miscellaneous catch-all? I better figure it out soon, though, because the shelf is going in tomorrow!

Well, that’s my five minutes of rambling nothingness. I hope y’all had a great Easter, a great weekend; and have a great week upcoming!

And Franky, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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