Once again, my day was so full that I neglected to have any deeply thought out post. Dot’s been great at keeping the house clean. We’ve scarfed down leftovers from yesterday’s Easter dinner. And there are two more tiny green things emerging from the flower bed dirt.

I’ve sold more Cookbooks, started Chapter Two of the first novel in our book series, and finished the general layout for A Study on the Ten Commandments. But I forgot to come up with a substantial blog post.

So I clicked on over to BlogHer.com for a writing prompt… and they’re “currently under maintenance”. Agh! The one time I really need a writing prompt, and I can’t get to it.

So instead I think of the two writing kits I bought from Writer’s Digest two years ago; complete with prompt cards and whatnot. But they’re in the other room, on the typewriter table. And I’m here, under two cats.

I have no prompts. And every time I write “Under Maintenance” I think of “Under Construction” which is the name of the college magazine I wrote for many years ago, when I lived in Minnesota and lived with my dear Uncle Roger, who was the only person other than my mother who understood how books are the most amazing thing in the world. How you can never have too many words.

And I remember that I won a writing contest and a writer’s group formed a scholarship just for me because of a short story I wrote for that magazine. And I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but it’s a nice refresher that I do know what I’m doing. And that I’m good at it.

And I guess I don’t need a prompt after all.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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