It’s the second day of the month and I’m happy to announce I’ve kept up with most of my monthly goals so far. I’ve blogged every day (twice yesterday!) and I have another one in my head for today already.

I made a list of monthly goals, and what short term goals I need to achieve in order to reach the bigger ones. This is due to some great advice I read in my books from Institute of Children’s Literature. It’s so inspiring, informative, and instructional. I really can’t wait to read more today!

I don’t have any theme for this week’s “What’s the Word?” blog hop, so feel free to link up whatever posts you’re proud of, what you read, hear and see that you want to share. Next week [May 9] will be dedicated to the upcoming Mother’s Day. So get your stories ready to share about the women in your life. Your mom, your children, your friends, your mentors. Whoever/whatever comes to mind when you hear the word “MOM”. But that’s next week.

Today… sit back, relax. Have a cup o’joe or whatever you’re drinking… come on in and join the conversation.

What’s on your mind?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!


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