What I learned from The Boy:

1. Love always. Not matter what. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.

2. Smile like you have a secret, and people will want to talk to you.

3. Smile when you’re in trouble, and you won’t have consequences.

4. Play with your food… but only after you’ve eaten a lot of it.

5. Be honest. No matter what.

6. When it doubt, write it out.

7. Have fun. No matter what.

8. It’s okay to be sad, but never give up hope.

9. Dance. A lot.

10. Take pictures. A lot.

11. Take walks. See the world around you.

12. Be social. Be very, very social.

13. “If you love something set it free…”

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

Happy Birthday, Megan!
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