Remember about six weeks ago when I brought home some vegetation that looked promising? And then it didn’t?

Well, with some hard work, cooperating weather (less heat), and some Miracle-Gro and water, my crops are starting to, well, crop.

It took a full month of delicate, tedious care and prayer, and now my three plants are beginning to bear food. The tomato plant already blessed us with two beefsteak tomatoes last week, but I thought that would be all for this year.

Until this morning. I went out to diligently water, and in my pruning, peeking, and pouring, I found all these glorious new beginnings.

Fred the Tomato

Edgar the Eggplant

Gigi the Green Pepper Plant

I’m thinking in about a month, I should be enjoying some really wonderful Ratatouille from The Unemployment Cookbook.

Next year I’m going to invest in a raised-bed garden and plant some other types of produce like maybe potatoes and lettuce and zucchini. I’ll also try my hand at more upside-down planting with berries and grapes and such.

My mouth’s watering just thinking about it.

Do you like to garden? What are some of your gardening tips?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she ate wrote!

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