KLUTZ Review

“Mom. We haven’t watched TV at all tonight.”
How great a statement is that?
Dot and I spent the evening crafting with our Klutz books. Earlier, she and her friend Megan reviewed MINI CAPSTERS JEWELRY for me.

Mini Capsters Jewelry

We’re a crafty bunch.

KLUTZ donated four of their craft books for our review; and they’re just waiting for one lucky reader to win a set all their own!

KLUTZ Assortment


Here’s what we loved about the KLUTZ books:

  • They’re fun. Not in an oh-what-a-nice-way-to-spend-a-few-minutes way. But in an oh-my-gosh-this-is-so-much-interactive-fun-look-how-creative-we-are way.
  • The guidebooks are just that: Guides. You can totally change up the colors and mix designs. Whichever book you’re working with, your project is Your Own.
  • They’re all inclusive. Nearly everything you need (except scissors and maybe a little extra glue) is included. The products store neatly within the covers.
  • The variety of projects is astonishing. We’ve had KLUTZ books for making Fairy Dolls, Nail Art, and an assortment of jewelry making.
  • The directions for each project and book are detailed, illustrated, and very easy to follow. There’s no confusion as to what this means or how that reads. It’s very easy, which makes for a much more enjoyable crafting experience.
  • If you run out of supplies, you can either visit your local craft store or order extra supplies from Klutz online.

Here’s what we didn’t like:

  • The included products don’t always come in our favorite colors. The Beaded Bands that I worked with was limited to blues, browns, and oranges. I’ve never been a big fan of blue but I have to admit, I’m quite happy with the finished product.
  • With Fashion Forms, the paper was double-sided. Which means you have to decide which pattern or color you’d like to use. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s both and there’s not enough to make two complete outfits with one sheet of paper.
  • Some of the books and projects are more suited to smaller, pre-teen fingers. My adult fingers didn’t always cooperate when threading tiny beads.
  • With some projects, the work seemed a bit tedious. Dot wasn’t thrilled with all the tracing and cutting she needed to do in order to complete one Fashion Form. But once she got the hang of it and saw her first finished project, it was worth the effort.

Having said all that, the Fun definitely wins out, no matter which KLUTZ book you’re crafting with. And since a picture’s worth a thousand words, here’s our Statement for KLUTZ:

MINI CAPSTERS: Choosing a Size

MINI CAPSTERS: Pages of Designs

MINI CAPSTERS: Finished Projects


WICKED COOL FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS: Baubles and Beads and Charms; Oh My!


FASHION FORMS: First Project

FASHION FORMS: Pretty Papers


BEADED BANDS: Small Beads. Big Effect.

BEADED BANDS: Finished Project

We each had our own favorite KLUTZ book. Mine was the Beaded Bands. I’m already thinking of different color combinations and bracelet styles to keep making these for Dot and myself. Dot’s always been interested in fashion, so the FASHION FORMS is her pick. With a little bit of scrapbook paper and craft-store embellishments, she’ll have plenty of runway-ready projects.

Want to share the fun with some girls on your Christmas list? Or maybe you need a little creative vacation of your own. Puh-leese. Would I even post this if there wasn’t a way for you to win it? You can always count on me!

Just follow the links in the Rafflecopter entry form below. Just like KLUTZ, it’s just that easy!

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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