I didn’t post yesterday. Did you notice?

I did. You know what I noticed? I noticed the earth didn’t implode. I didn’t die of spontaneous combustion, and Dot didn’t turn into a gremlin.

I just didn’t post.

That’s not to say I didn’t write. I did. But not for yesterday. With this being the week before Christmas, there’s a lot happening at Bedford Manor. And even more so than usual. That’s the part I can’t really write about just now.

Megan and I are working out a schedule for the New Year. I have a new Meal Memo in a Jar plan for January. And I have until December 31st to finish Assignment No. 4 for the Institute of Children’s Literature.

Trust me when I say, Not posting is not the same as not writing.

I think yesterday was me testing the veracity of my vacation post; to see whether or not I could actually abstain from the Blog.

I’m so very thankful I had more to do than normal to keep me busy. I made two batches of Doo-Dads. Ate dinner at Mom’s. Helped Dot with some paperwork processing. Oh, and we cleaned. We cleaned a lot. And closed off half the house so it doesn’t turn to Catford Manor for a few days.

And get this… I actually planned out my entire wardrobe for the entire workweek. No more standing in front of a disorganized closet nearly spilling my coffee in a panic with only three minutes left to get dressed.

I think it’s going to be a really great week.

Don’t get me wrong. This post may seem a little “nothing” to the reader. But that’s only because this isn’t the time or place to get into how I feel about the shooting in Connecticut or the upcoming Fiscal Cliff. I have plenty to say, and will say it when the time is right.

This isn’t that moment. This moment is MoJo and Family.

So. What’s on your plate?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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