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Five Things Friday at Frankly, My Dear…

Two weeks ago I posted the first of what I hope to be a long running series, The Friday Five. Once or twice a month you can share Five Things about yourself.

With Memorial Day just around the corner bringing with it the start of summer, this week’s theme is about Travel. Have some amazing travel memories or a trip on your bucket list? Share them here. Be sure to check back often and encourage your friends to add their own Friday Five!

And now, the Mojo Friday Five Things: My Travel.

1. I love all things Italy. Even when I don’t know they’re Italian. I’m fundamentally drawn to Italian architecture, gardening, designs, flavors, color palettes and personalities. I talk a lot with my hands. I drink strong coffee. I’m loud and boisterous at times. The Godfather Trilogy will always be my favorite movie series. My ethnic heritage is a hodge-podge of all things Europe. I am perhaps, at best, 5% Italian, but that is the part I cling to. I’ve never been to Italy, but it is most definitely on my Bucket List.

A Taste of Italy. Handcrafted handpainted coffee mugs.

My Favorite Coffee Mugs

2. I’m a little afraid of driving. Especially at night in unfamiliar places. [Case in point: Following Fabian.] I never used to be, but the older I get the harder it is for me to drive into unknown territory. I also have mini panic attacks when I’m away from Bedford Manor for more than two nights. I miss my cats too much. I worry about leaving the house empty. The only places I can go without worrying about my home is Disneyland and The Mission Inn. Okay, that’s not true. I can also drive to Las Vegas and sometimes the beach or mountains. I just need to drive more often. Like I used to. Because the world is just waiting for me to discover it!

Mob Moll. Woman in black tshirt Hello My Name is Awesome. Sign for Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana.

Mob Moll.

3. I would love to live in New York for a year. I would love to stroll through Central Park in autumn, and see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade live from the street. There’s a certain kind of cement magic when I’m surrounded by buildings towering over sidewalks. The sights, sounds, and smells of a big city are something I must experience.

4. I love watching travel shows. Aerial America and Skyview are just two of my favorites. I also love historical stories about travel: the Oregon Trail, how the Wright Brothers were the first to fly. These are all imagination takers that inspire and enthrall me.

5. I like to dress the part. When I’m at Disneyland, I wear capris and a fun Mickey sweatshirt. If I’m heading to the Mission Inn, I’m never without heels and perhaps my brown hat. Vegas calls for a bit more rugged look of jeans and my leather jacket.

MoJo in Brown hat and matching jacket and scarf.

Who I Am

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Here’s your extra bag of nuts: My dream is to be a writer/traveler like many of the great stories I read and movies I watch.

Be sure to catch all my travel reviews at Trekaroo!

Superoo Trekaroo Badge 2013


And now it’s your turn: What are your favorite travel stories? If you’ve written a Blog post about them, link it up below. If not, just list them in the comments.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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