It seems like just yesterday that I slightly bared my soul and asked for pray and partnership toward Doing the Write Thing . . . oh, wait. It was!

I do my best writings on Sunday afternoons when the chores are done, the errands have been run, and it’s nothing but me, Pandora, a nice breeze, and a cool beverage.

I always have at least two drinks available at all times. Today I’m drinking ice water or Ginger Ale, depending on which I grab first.

I was invited to post directly at LinkedIn so today I created my first article, 10 Things Your Insurance Agents Wish You Knew.

All that to say, every Sunday in my quiet moments, I’ll post updates on my fundraising campaign as well as my weekly writing production in general.

As of this moment, I have one sponsor for $20.00. This contribution isn’t a surprise to me, since it’s my friend Mary and she told me before I even started the campaign that she’d help out. So thanks, Mary. She’s a fellow member of the California Writer’s Club, High Desert Branch, the leader of the critique group I’m in, and a great friend.

I also have three Social Supporters: those who can’t contribute monetarily at this time, but are sharing my links and dreams through their social media circles to help gain visibility. Thank you, William, Ann and Melanie.

NOLA is coming along quite nicely. I’ve nearly 21,000 words which, considering the average adult novel is 70,000 words, means I’m about 30% finished. Last week I realized the rest of the plot which meant going back through what I’d previously written and making sure I dropped the right hints and dialogue.

My other writing projects are on the back burner until I finish NOLA, which I plan for the end of August. I guess that means I’d better get back to it. These words don’t write themselves, and I’ve a character or two to add.

Side shout to Toronto Mary and the Strumbellas. I hear-tell my CD is finally crossing the border and should be here in a week or two. Can’t wait!

Until then, thanks for keeping me on the path to Doing the Write Thing!



And Frankly, My Dear . . . that’s all she wrote!

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