by Molly Jo Realy @RealMojo68

Some years ago I shared a few posts on stocking up your pantry and cabinets for those moments when a storm hits or unexpected company arrives.

In keeping with my July theme of “Everything Old is New Again,” I recently found my old files, and combined my checklist into a single PDF download. How happy are we right now?! You can download your copy by clicking STOCK THAT.

I also themed out this month’s Meal Plan, thanks to my Happy Planner Menu Planner and some great washi tape and stickers.

MoJo's July Happy Menu

MoJo’s July Happy Menu

I love meals that offer two rounds, whether a second dinner or lunch the next day. Salads are a breeze to change up with a different dressing and add-ins like tomatoes and mushrooms. Rice? Well, that’s a staple here at Bedford Manor. I keep not less than four varieties on hand.

Comparing what’s already available to me and what I know I’ll be buying, this menu plan was a cinch to put together. My STOCK THAT checklist and Happy Planner Menu Planner are keeping me on track for healthy eating on a budget.

But before you give me too many pats on the back, I confess ice cream and chocolate snacks did make the grocery list this month. And I’m so okay with that.

MENU TIP: Writing it out is an idea, not a commitment. Can’t make dinner one day? Too busy or didn’t get to the store? Allow a few “open” days on the calendar. You can switch the plan around.

PRINTER TIP: If you want the PDF to fit in your classic size Planner, when you print, select “custom scale” to 84%, and that should give you a readable printout with enough white space border to trim and punch without losing any content. You’re welcome. :)

Do you plan your meals by the month?

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Molly's Kitchen: Steamed Salmon on Rice and Spinach

Molly’s Kitchen: Steamed Salmon on Rice and Spinach

And Frankly, My Dear . . . That’s all she wrote!



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