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The Assault: Harbingers, Cycle Two

The Assault: Harbingers, Cycle Two

Infestation by Frank Peretti. No less exciting than the first Harbingers books I’ve read.

Now, I know some of you won’t read past this line, but that’s okay. Because there are a few SPOILERS that follow.


Now is the time to stop reading if you don’t want to know anything about the book.


Go away.

Or not.

Still here? Awesome sauce.

Chapter One, all of two and half pages, narrates a scientist as he makes his way through a lagoon that was previously decimated. A lone dolphin comes close, closer, and the scientist is happy, intrigued, thrilled another form of life is making its way back. Until it comes even closer. And he sees its nasty eyes oozing green goo. And as he goes to touch its side, the green goo is there, too. He retreats, tries to get a sample, but the dolphin shifts . . . and explodes green goo all over him.

Jump cut to Chapter Two. And now we’re in the head of the miserable Professor. Poor guy; all he wants is to be left alone. Because he knows whenever the Team calls it means upsetting the status quo, seeing things he’d rather not, and experiencing things he’d, well, rather not experience.

Case in point: Brenda visits the Professor to let him know Andi is in Florida. No, not with her loving grandparents. But a mental institution. They rush to her, and the Prof is staggered to see her out of touch. She responds to no one, has disconnected from humanity, and only rambles what others can’t really understand.

Of course, Cowboy (Tank) joins them. His heart belongs to Andi, but she didn’t want him to begin with, and in her new, uh, condition, she affirms that. Quite strongly.

The book continues as the Team tries to fix Andi, to find out why this is happening, and what to do about it. And, as usual, I ain’t gonna tell ya.

But I will tell you, you won’t be disappointed as you continue the adventure.

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