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Frankly, My Dear . . . : Five Things Friday

Frankly, My Dear . . . : Five Things Friday


Let’s get straight to it, yah? All y’all know I love to bake, cook, and feed people, right? I mean, I’m making some more slow cooker turkey chili tomorrow and about ten people are showing up. I think that’s what they call a correlation.

So, sure. I have my go-to favorites. But recently I’ve discovered something else: The art of cooking the unknown. Now, I’m not about to throw thirty bucks of whatever into the oven and *hope* it turns out okay. I like to investigate my recipes first. A little internet recon, if you will. I check ratings, reviews, cooks.

But wait. There’s more. Let’s talk decorating. Holiday theme ideas. Writing prompts. The need to tear a page out now and then and run a highlighter over it, or clip a few together. Remember when scrapbooking was actually done with material, not a computer?

I mean, let’s be real. What’s better for This Girl that words in print?

So guess what I’ve discovered. Okay, pretty sure y’all ain’t stupid and the post title gave it away, but just for grins and giggles, pretend it didn’t.

Go on, then. Guess. No? Okay. I’ll tell you.


That’s right. I have become accustomed to picking up print mags at the check out at the supermarket. But–are you ready?–Wait for it. I actually go looking for the magazine racks in stores. #truestory

And they say print is dead.

Here are my current five favorite magazines. Oh, and just ‘cuz I don’t have a lot of magazine photos, I’ve linked the magazine websites so you can check them out yourselves.

  1. Taste of The South. Okay, for this one I have a photo. I mean, I seriously had a mini freak out when I found it in the store. Haven’t seen it there since, so I guess I’m subscribing next pay day. #soworthit The flavors, the photos, the authenticity. It’s. Just. Perfect.

    Taste of the South Magazine

    Taste of the South Magazine

  2. Writer’s Digest. Best magazine for writers. Period. Full of great advice, success stories, and opportunities. Don’t forget their competitions!
  3. Better Homes and Gardens. Now this one I admit I usually only pick up their specialty mags, like holiday cooking or Spring decor. I like it because it’s for everyday people, and it’s always overloaded with ideas to make life, well, better.
  4. Food Network Magazine. Sigh. Who doesn’t know this one? With my Bobby Flay table setting and recipes from so many chefs including Rachel Ray and Paula Deen, my kitchen is always my (second) favorite place to be.
  5. Southern Living. Oh, hullo. Doesn’t this just sweeten your tea when you need it most? Chock full of everything Southern, I couldn’t love it more unless it delivered NOLA to me in person. From recipes to home decor to travel to gardening. It’s a darn fine rag, if ya’ ask me.

And now it’s late and I have some reading to do. So, if you’ll excuse me . . .

Oh, almost forgot: What are your favorite magazines?

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With paperclips and a highlighter,
Happy reading.
~Molly Jo

And Frankly, My Dear . . . : That’s all she wrote!

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