At Least I Tried…

You know that still, small voice we all have in our heads?

Yeah. Notsomuch.

Mine decided to shout at me over the last 36 hours.

And I’m so glad it did.

Once or twice a week, I get together for an early morning Starbuck’s with my VIP Julie. We talk about our kids, her husband, my writing, life, God, coffee, cooking, the weather… we talk and talk and talk and when we’re done… well, we’re never done. So we get together often. At least we try.

Last week we each cancelled so Monday was going to be our first Girl … read the rest. . .

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A Good Name

A few days ago I mentioned that I rejected a freelance writing opportunity.

While I know it was the right thing to do, I was disappointed. Disappointed with the lack of finances (and my need for more!), disappointed with a failed opportunity, disappointed with so much.

While endeavoring to be a paid writer I’ve also been trying to find a day job to pay the bills. That hasn’t offered much hope either.

So. I admit that God and I had a bit of a talk. Actually, it was more of a child kicking and screaming to get attention from the … read the rest. . .

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Blogging is a Job and Readers are a Raise

My blogging experience over the past two years has taught me some valuable lessons and given me great insight.

It can be (and for the serious blogger/writer, should be) considered a job. Accordingly, I need to approach it as such. That means I keep at it, even when I want to call in sick or take a personal day. I show up, I put in a good amount of time and effort. And when the situation calls for it, I go above and beyond the norm. Maybe this means finding a hot topic to discuss, or just a new writing … read the rest. . .

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