CONDEMNATION VS. CONVICTION: How to Tell the Difference

By Beckie Lindsey @BeckieLindsey_

It amazes me how I can go from praising the Lord while singing along with Christian music in my car, to yelling at the person who cut me off—almost simultaneously. But sometimes I react and then regret.

The second half of the scenario plays out like this: The driver who angered me speeds by, oblivious to my plight. The music begins to fade into the background and finally disappear. Now I’m left with an onslaught of negative, harassing thoughts like, What kind of Christian are you? You’re such a phony!  A loser. “Real” Christians don’t have read the rest. . .

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“What’s the Word?” Wednesday: Why Lily Couldn’t Sleep Last Night

Note: I’ve known Lily (not her real name) for nearly fifteen years. When she reached out to me this morning, I asked if she’d be comfortable sharing her thoughts on the blog. The subject matter of this post is controversial, but what she has to say is important. Please be respectful with your comments.

Why Lily Couldn’t Sleep Last Night

Before I went to bed last night I took a last-minute glance at online news. I saw a headline that wouldn’t normally get my attention, but this one did. So I clicked into the story.

I can’t express how I … read the rest. . .

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God is Unfair!

He said, “Follow me.” I said no.
He waited anyway.

He said, “Stay on this path.” I strayed.
He led me back.

He said, “I love you.” I pushed him away.
He loved me anyway.

He said, “I want to adopt you.” I refused.
He called me His own anyway.

He said, “I want to save you.” I laughed.
He sent His True Son to die in my place.

He said, “Let me bless you.” I ignored his gifts.
He blessed me anyway.

He said, “I will provide.” I wanted it all.
He withheld, but gave me more than I … read the rest. . .

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