MoJo Book Review and Giveaway: Laughter is Loudest with Good Food (Cookbook)

In my previous post, you met Ms. New Orleans 2014, Lindsay Reine. In this post, you’ll get a chance to win her cookbook.

This review is different than most. There are no spoiler alerts. No characters to introduce you to. Just some mighty fine eats.

The first two recipes I chose were the Mayonnaise biscuits (Pg. 24) and the Baked Potato Soup (Pg. 9). They paired well together. Or, they would have. I’m not a perfect cook and I had one of those moments when the recipe called for self-rising flour but This Girl used all-purpose instead. The flavor … read the rest. . .

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My Interview with Ms. New Orleans 2014, Lindsay Reine

While researching and writing NOLA, my great friend Lisa posted a link on my Facebook page for a cookbook. Not just any cookbook, mind you, but a cookbook from New Orleans, with recipes compiled by Ms. New Orleans 2014 Lindsay Reine. How much better could things get? A little bit better. Because of my affinity for all things NOLA, I explained this to Lindsay and she agreed to send me an extra autographed copy for this giveaway. She also became my friend on Facebook, and a huge source of information for my book.

Lindsay confirmed an idea I’ve had … read the rest. . .

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In researching New Orleans and surrounding area for my current writing project, I’ve discovered and rediscovered some great trivia about the state:

*The Louisiana Purchase was in 1803, and amounted to less than 3 cents per acre at the time.
*The Louisiana territory covered all or part of 15 current United States as well as two Canadian Provinces.
*Louisiana’s roots include French, Spanish, and British.
*Louisiana was named after French King Louis XIV.
*Jazz music was born at the turn of the 20th century, primarily in New Orleans’ black communities.
*Some of the most famous musicians to come out of … read the rest. . .

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Or, as I call it with my Minnesotan accent, “N’Orleeeens.”

This past week I’ve been infatuated with the Big Easy. I’m working on a short story idea that came to me a few months ago. And Megan introduced me to Oak Alley Plantation online. The photos are so… mesmerizing. Transforming. Enticing. Haunting.

So guess what. This Girl is now fantasizing about a trip down south. Not that it could happen any time soon (unless I win the lotto, which hasn’t happened yet). But still, it’s fun to plan.

I can taste the Mint Juleps. Smell the tobacco fields. Hear the … read the rest. . .

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