The Story Behind The Story

December 14, 2012:
I received an email tonight. The kind that makes your heart flutter and your wings spread. And your stomach churn.

By the time you read this, it will all be over. Or, rather… it will just be beginning.

The local newspaper wants to interview me about my writing. About my Blog, my Business, and my Book. I already texted Megan. What wonderful timing. Just two days ago we agreed we’ve been stagnant too long and it’s time to get back to writing our Series. You long-time readers know what a long, hard year this has been for … read the rest. . .

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Happy Birthday, Megan!

You remember my writing partner, Megan, right?

Well, today’s her birthday! And of course I couldn’t let the day pass without publicly acknowledging what she means to me.

She is my Personal Barista

She understands Disney better than anyone else
She brings Lord of the Rings to the Table
(that is, the Writing Table… it really inspires her!)
She totally gets that I’m crazy enough about Narnia to make a room for it
She’s the other half of The New Inklings writing group.

She started her own blog to support me with mine…
The Fairest One of All

But she … read the rest. . .

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New Inklings Press

New Inklings Press is the name of my new company. My new company. My. Company.


I have a business license. A bank account. A binder to keep every bit of important paperwork. My website will be up and running within a few days. And today the local newspaper is running my Fictitious Business Name.

How. Awesome. Is. That?

I am now licensed to publish, edit, write; and get paid for it. Of course, these business steps didn’t enable me to be able to do so. I’ve been doing those things (minus the actual publishing) for quite some time … read the rest. . .

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Why We Work Well Together

She’s a great writer.

She’s my Personal Barista.

She appreciates my quirkiness…

Which fades in comparison to her own.

And even my cat thinks she’s awesome.

Her name is Megan.
She’s my writing partner.

And we always come up with the same ideas at the same time.
She brings the dialogue. I bring the landscape.

She loves The Lord of the Rings as much as I love The Chronicles of Narnia.

She orders new drinks for me at Starbucks.

We both laugh and point at each other, not caring who else is watching.
We can each say, “Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!” … read the rest. . .

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