Last year instead of making Resolutions, I chose a three-word theme. Remember? I Dared to Be an Awesome Orange, only to find myself lost in East L.A. just days later.

This year, my theme is simple. One word. And I didn’t have to think about it. It came to me a few weeks ago, and has been bursting at the seams to get out.

BoundariesBoundaries protect you. They set up a perimeter that the world can’t encroach upon unless you allow. Boundaries are fences, gates, edges. It makes me think of Lonesome Dove and stories by Louis L’Amour. The Wild West. Homesteading. Making a name for yourself. And creating your own private place.

If the world does come in unwanted and unwarranted, it’s okay to take a stand and stop. It’s okay to say, “This is my space.” But it’s also okay to make friends. To share what you can share. To expand your Circle of Life without breaking it.

Although some Boundaries are meant to be broken. Enlarged. They’re the horizon beyond the horizon, or, as Finian says, “The hill beyond yon hill.”

This year, I intend to strengthen my Boundaries. Whether I need to set up a better perimeter around my family, my home, my time, my writing or my finances, I will establish better Boundaries. And then I’ll open the gate when I can, and step out into unknown territories.

I’ll explore. Adjust. Enjoy. And establish.


Excitement doesn’t begin to explain how I feel. I’m pretty sure surviving the Mayan Apocalypse has given me a new lease on life. After all, one can hardly expect to go back to humdrum when the clock still ticks and the lungs still breathe, right?

This is me. Learning how to set Boundaries. And sometimes, how to step over them.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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