Merry Christmas! How exciting that it’s less than a week away.

Are you ready? I’m so ready, I’m getting ready for next year already! Okay, not really. But almost really. I’ve definitely got plans. I may even venture into the world of day-after-Christmas shopping to find some amazing pack-it-away-for-eleven-months deals.

But that’s next year, and that’s a little ahead of the game.

This year, I have a few more gifts to give . . . to you!

The Unemployment Cookbook, Second Edition

The Unemployment Cookbook, Second Edition

On Sunday, December 21, the Kindle edition of The Unemployment Cookbook will be available for just 99 cents – that’s well over $2.00 savings!

And on December 24 and 25, both The Penny Parable and A Study on the Ten Commandments will be available to download for free.

So if you’re gifting a Kindle to someone, or looking to add to your own, please enjoy these books, from me to you.

Bedford Manor: Christmas on a Budget

Merry Christmas from Bedford Manor

And Frankly, My Dear . . . that’s all she wrote!

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