Five Things Friday: National Coffee Day

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

Frankly, My Dear . . . : Five Things Friday

Let’s just start by agreeing any celebration that includes coffee is awesome, am I right? I mean, I celebrate every day with coffee. But to actually have an official reason? Have mercy!

I’m an experiential person. That means I don’t just go through life, I live it. Fully, wonderfully, scarefully (is that even a word?). I feel it, my body absorbs it, my mind is constantly processing and connecting dots. And, yes. Sometimes making up the dots to connect.

But coffee. It’s just perfect. In celebration of National Coffee Day, here are some … read the rest. . .

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Five Things Friday: Celebrating Summer

by Molly Jo Realy @RealMojo68

Forty-eight hours ago our weather shifted. The California desert went from 93 and sunny to overcast and windy. Thursday brought winds and cooler temps and, now don’t quote me, but I’m almost certain I heard that midnight carnival train in the distance.

Yup. Autumn is almost upon us.

But wait!, you say. It’s technically still summer! And so it is. At least for one more week.

Here are few ways to celebrate the end of the season:

  1. Host a BBQ potluck. Have your friends, family, and neighbors over. They bring the meat, you bring the
read the rest. . .
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In Memory Of . . .

by Molly Jo Realy @RealMojo68

It’s night of Independence Day. Most of the city’s fireworks have stopped, and now and then a neighbor child lights a popper. The neighborhood is back to being its quiet self.

I can’t help but wonder if tomorrow we’ll still remember what we’re supposed to remember today.

Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July?

Let’s not confuse this, the birthday of our nation, with Memorial Day, or Veteran’s Day.

Every day, let’s take a bit of today with us and remember, we’re always moving forward to something better.

There’s so much I’d love to … read the rest. . .

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My Bottle of White Wine

Back in March, I celebrated my birthday with week’s worth of events. My favorite was the actual weekend of my birthday.

On Friday, some friends took me out to a local hot spot called The Wine Seller. We listened to live music, drank a little, conversed a lot. One of my closest friends, Mary, is a fellow writer. She’s older than I am, a fellow empty-nester. I sometimes call her “Mom” and she sometimes introduces me as her adopted daughter.

She gave me this beautiful Frog Prince pin.

We have much more in common than just writing, which makes her … read the rest. . .

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How To Eat For Free And Have Fun Doing It (Or, How Printing Coupons Gave Me a Really Great Weekend!)

My birthday is coming up soon. Tuesday to be exact. You’re wishing me a Happy Birthday right now, aren’t you? Sure you are, I can tell. Thank you!

It’s off to a great start. And I’m going to share some of my secrets to a successful birthday with you. How do you like them apples?

Let’s face it: Birthday is a bit of a misnomer. What we all really like is a Birthmonth. Am I right? Y’all don’t wake up on midnight of your special day and say, “Wow. Today’s my birthday.” And then 24 hours later … read the rest. . .

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