I am, above all else, a Christian.

Under this tab, you’ll find links to posts that define what I believe.

Not Such A Bad Day
Invisible Person in a Sea of People: Robin H. and the 99-cent Sin
“As Long As You Love Me”
“He loves me. He loves me not.”
FAITH, Hope, and Love: Part I
Faith, HOPE, and Love: Part II
Faith, Hope, and LOVE: Part III
Filigree Frosting
I’ll Fly Away
The King’s Glory
Ten Bible Verses I Try to Live By
A Time to Change, A Time to Stay the Same
God is Unfair!
Count Your Blessings
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
Mary, Did You Know?
Happy Holidays!
The Adventures of Will Power and the Search for Christmas
A Lesson to Trust
A Good Name
“Give Us This Day…”
To The Young Adult Females in My Life
What I’ve Learned in Bible Study
Dear God, Did You Forget About Me?!
What I Learned on Women’s Retreat [The Big Whammy!]
Ten Bible Verses
More or Less: 29 Words
Peace Like a River
My Favorite Christmas Movie
The Desires of My Heart
Made with (heart) By Corrie!
Dear Amy, I’m Just So Sorry For Your Loss.
You’re Gonna Make It After All.
A Day of Rest
EXODUS: Keep On Keepin’ On

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